Week 2 (Sept. 5, 2018): Lightning Talk 1 – Project Objectives & Proposals

The first of the Lightning Talks were delivered during week 2 of Spartan Superway’s 2018-2019 year. Each team made presentations to discuss their team objectives for the project to the rest of the class.

The Small-Scale Controls Team presented our three proposed ideas: 
  1. A differential drive system that would drive the wheels that move along the outer rail faster than the inner wheels when making a turn. This would prevent over-exertion of the servo motor steering the wheels when making a turn, which would lead to eventual striping of the gears within the motor.
  2. An inductive charging system to wirelessly charge the pod car at each station. 
  3. Further implementation of the Android application that utilizes a Raspberry Pi and runs on Python to allow user interface with the pod cars, i.e. to allow the user to pick which station to travel to and which pod car to use.

Please refer to our presentation as well as our initial project proposal document, both embedded below.